Jude Starbeam and the Shadow Planet
A play for 7-11 year olds

Intrepid space explorers Captain Jude Starbeam and his sister, Major Nix,
Set out to find the mythical Sunstar plant – but the mission goes wrong.
Jude is sucked into a black hole, and is stranded on a shadow planet…
Nix searches the universe to find him, but when she does, he has changed:

Will they ever be able to fly through space together again?

Told through shadow puppetry and song,
this is a story about the love that endures when

someone we love has changed.

Inspired by stories of young people growing up with a brain injury, 

Jude Starbeam and the Shadow Planet is a challenging and

exciting new production about how two siblings

come to terms with this trauma.

The project is in collaboration with on the button 

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Bum-bag? Check.

Luminescent shell suit? Check.

Positive attitude in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges? Hell yeah!

Inspired by real life stories, Don't Panic... presents a frank, funny and

open exploration of a topic that too often remains taboo: the challenge of

overcoming anxiety. Join award-winning company on the button in this

roller-coaster of a one-woman show, which channels the spirit of

someone for whom no challenge is too big:

Don’t Panic! It’s Challenge Anneka.


According to MentalHealth.org, 1 in 6 people will be affected by an anxiety disorder

each year, yet anxiety remains under reported, under diagnosed and under treated.

Mental health awareness is a timely issue; anxiety needs greater coverage

and focus if it is to be challenged and understood.

The project is in collaboration with on the button 

Don't Panic! It's Challenge Anneka